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StudentConnect is a College Social Learning Platform for college students, online learners, coding bootcamps, self taught digital nomads, or anyone else looking to get ahead in life.
  • StudentConnect
    Social Learning Platform

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  • Crashpadz
    Come Crash. Go Explore

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An affordable living solution for guests in the Bay Area. Locations in San Francisco, South San Francisco, and Daly City. Your home away from home.
An innovative Out of Home (OOH) ad tech solution that converts windows of cars into a programmatic advertising platform. Over 100 cars in San Francisco at peak operations.
  • Grabb-It
    Geo-Targeted Advertising

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  •  Shark Mansion<br>Incubator Accelerator

    Shark Mansion
    Incubator Accelerator

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Shark Mansion is a co-working co-living incubator for startups in which companies apply to live in the Shark Mansion property while trying to raise money post accelerator program.
SocialHouzz is a network of masterfully designed coworking coliving spaces that are designed to facilitate social interaction to promote new friendships, collaborations, and enhance quality of life.
  •  SocialHouzz<br>Stay and Socialize

    Stay and Socialize

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  •  Academiarocks<br>Hack Your Education

    Hack Your Education

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This Project was an MVP for an online college social learning platform.
Shuttle is the world’s first outer space travel company. Our mission is to open space up for everyone. Shuttle is a luxury marketplace that connects people to space travel experiences enabling more commercial astronauts. A high-quality platform for consumers to easily discover and purchase commercial space flight tickets.
  •  Shuttle<br>Meet the future of space travel

    Meet the future of space travel

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  •  Pinguyn<br>Simplify your airfare

    Simplify your airfare

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Pinguyn app makes travel easier, customize your trip based on your budget via weekly or monthly payments . Pinguyn will secure your plane ticket in advance while you keep you travel costs manageable and male payments on your own schedule.
PITCH GLOBAL+GTS is your all access for networking with investors in Silicon Valley and beyond; it is the “network of networks” through which you can enter other global networks like Plug& Play, Keiretsu Forum, TIE, Singularity Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Cap, IVP, the Drapers, and everyone who matters. Hundreds of startup founders have raised capital in Silicon Valley through our events and networks over the years and now we have started seeing success in other markets like LA as well where startups like Smart CSM, Ootify, WeThink and others have received funding offers from our local investors like BLD Capital, Nex3/Sway Ventures, Plug&Play LA etc.WATCH ultimate accessspeakers like Steve Jurvetson, Pitch Johnson, family members of Sergei Brin ofGoogle, President of Tartarstan, VC’s Vish Mishra (also long term President ofTIECON) & Dmitry Grishin ( also co-founder of Yuri Milner—billionaire behind Facebook’s funding—at at a couple of our recent GTS Pitch Global Events.
  •  Pitchglobal<br>Business Innovation

    Business Innovation

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  •  Pranos<br>Your Story. Everywhere.

    Your Story. Everywhere.

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A revolutionary mass media platform that converts any window into a digital display. Our pioneering technology is designed to deliver captivating consumer-generated digital out-of-home content on the fly.
We hide the uncomfortable. Silence the chaos. Conceal dissaray. But how do we fix something that often goes unseen? Wave asks that you instead unveil unsettling truths and help shed light on critical issues, just by getting dressed. Raise funds and awareness for causes you care about through your t-shirt. Inspire change through your interactive wardrobe.
  •  Wave<br>Wearable Chance

    Wearable Chance

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